A Visual Outline; When A Private Business Become An Enterprise

Once an enterprise has a clear overarching strategy and knows how to tap its relationships potential — it has a rare advantage. This is the knowledge of where the enterprise is headed and the tools to address complex issues.

Over time its the expansion of almost everything. 2 or 3 generations of family become 4, 5, or even 6. As each generation matures, more advisers, more business and other assets, more financial strategies and financial affairs are added. This is the family ecosystem within the enterprise.

Above, an unstructured enterprise is unlikely to function effectively or to achieve their objectives.

As assets and financial strategies appear, other entities begin to appear, like a family office or even a private trust company to manage the trusts for a large multi-generational family

A Larger Strategy Discussion

The issue eventually becomes; how can this arrangement continue to drive value creation? Or, we are no longer nimble! Below are several of the key matters to organize this from mayhem to an enterprise that has been refined into functional organization with shared objectives.

What Drives a Healthy Enterprise

From top down and healthy enterprise knows its financial performance. Can measure stakeholder satisfaction. Has an overarching Vision and Strategy and does regular strategic planning for how to achieve its objectives, benchmark targets and initiatives. These are the elements that enable achievement of stretch goals.

While I have re-designed companies to function better, my primary focus is the eventual leadership transition which begins the march toward the fiduciary wealth side and my partner’s focus is the business side. As a former managing director of in the top 3 business consultancies that worked with enterprises, we both learned. In reality this type of work takes a team of skills.

The rewards answer the question posed above, what do you want this to look for you but also for the next generations? The first step in this is just a conversation. So use this time of COVID-19 and let’s jump on a zoom call today!




Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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Robin Coady Smith

Robin Coady Smith

Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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