Do you remember ‘Yesterday’, when ‘Today’ promised to be a new ‘Tomorrow’?

Are your business challenges of ‘Yesterday’, ‘Today’ and therefore, ‘Tomorrow’ being addressed to your satisfaction?

‘Today’ we are confronted with huge challenges, greater than we have ever previously experienced. One of the results of this is that ‘Tomorrow’ becomes even more difficult than usual to calibrate. We are all facing more uncertainties than ever before and it would not be unusual if you too feel uncertain about the specific concerns you have that are affecting you and your business. If this thought does resonate with you then a private conversation with ‘Us at Privat’Us could be helpful and give you insights into how to view the future of your business.

The longer this pandemic continues its spread and impact, the more we will become concerned about our businesses, the future, our families and our wealth. We at Privat’Us feel sure these things concern you too and we are certain that such a conversation with ‘Us would, at an absolute minimum, serve to clarify the specific issues you and your business have ‘Today’, and will be facing ‘Tomorrow’. We know from experience that this will begin to shape some potential answers in your mind and start to point out the alternative ways that are open to you, should you choose to move ahead.

Our core strategy recognizes that every family or private business is often beset by one or more specific issues which can cause significant disruption and disputes within the business. These include Taxes, Troubles, Transformations, Transitions, Transactions and Transfers. We call these ‘6T’ events, and they each need specialist attention.

You will find ‘Us committed to listening to you first. We will want to know what you think and feel about your business, the events that are challenging you, the obstacles that you face and the things that are stopping you from making progress today.

Then, after analysis, we will create a detailed roadmap and framework with you. Our first step will be to capture your answer to the most important questions, ”What will winning look like?” and what do you want your business to look like then? This will shape an agreed statement of the overall objectives to be achieved.

Then comes the question of: ‘How are we going to make this happen’? These answers will be laid out in the form of a transparent plan which will address the three important issues and the steps to be taken to resolve them.

1) The strategic plan detailing the framework within which the specific strategies and executions will be brought to bear.

2) A detailed plan laying out the individual actions and timings which meet the objectives detailed in the framework.

3) The resources and budget that will need to be applied to each part of the plan execution together with a summary of the expected results.

If you feel this approach could help you and your business, please request an initial telephone conversation with ‘Us using the form that follows the invitation in the ‘traffic light’ visual that follows. We look forward to helping you, we know we can.

Click on the Only Yesterday It Seemed Today was Tomorrow, to request your conversation about your today and tomorrow concerns.




Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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Robin Coady Smith

Robin Coady Smith

Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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