Shaping Company Strategy, Refinements & Growth

Shaping an Overarching Company Strategy, Refinements & Growth


The best thing my owner’s financial firm did was to open the door to folks who REALLY do understand my business needs and me. I’ve been successful in getting to this stage but now my owner’s challenge is how to get to the next stage from here. Many firms have offered growth strategies to me but these folks understand how to leverage our and their skills in the opportunity vs risk dynamic to sustainably grow me to my targets over time.

We’ve Got Your Back!

As a business you’ve been successful because you’ve learned to leverage human capital skills. The talent is to leverage both financial AND human capital. This leads to the higher results!

Privat’Us Can Become the Enterprise Board, supported by the firm and accessible by business clients to address the issues and challenges of private businesses and family office clients. Below, are the common gaps or struggles in both. We support the firm, and the firm supports us. Its a win-win-win.

Similar issues or challenges

The CHURCH, as an example.

How does this institution sustain and grow? The answer is more “souls”. Do they broadcast they’re collecting tithes and donations for their own coffers? No. They are offering heaven and redemption that includes good works and sacrifice from cradle to grave to groom the next generation. It’s a very clever manipulation in the name of a person who biblically cast out the money changers in a place of worship.

FINANCIAL FIRMS, as an example

How does a financial firm sustain and grow? The answer is more business clients that see the value of paying top dollar for the good works of both traditional and uncommon services today and for tomorrow.

There are items that benefit a client’s business directly and benefit the firm indirectly. These include improvements to growth and human capital matters and a conversation need to happen so it is clear how these are paid for and by whom. In all instances these remain as clients of the firm.

What We Offer

Several direct and indirect revenue streams

The theme: Financial & Human Capital ; the Cornerstones of Every Business

· Performance:

Milestone achievement

Decreased risk

Enhanced relationships

Bespoke strategies

Engaged stakeholders

Levered knowledge

Outcomes are managed and measured

Players are aligned so each succeeds; economic benefit is a factor, but not the only one.

· A business and owner are prepared to engage the next stage with multiples of higher capital, revenues and thereby, options.

· Firm wins more business “souls” looking for these services and willing to pay top dollar to get it.

Would you like to talk about this with us…? Privat’US

Please pick a day or time on the agreed date and follow the instructions.

We are easy to contact, just ask. Set the time and we will be there.




Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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Robin Coady Smith

Robin Coady Smith

Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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