What ARE the Growth Initiatives for My Business?

Who is the boss here? Is your business seeing that your financial firm cannot quite help to restore or further the growth of your business? Is your business or are your personal ambitions now so challenged that you are uncertain as to your future?

If your business revenues and growth have taken a hit in this COVID/pandemic crisis, you are not alone. This continues to be a protracted and incredibly challenging time for us all. Correcting this and getting back on track is about more than growth initiatives. “Fixing” the growth of the business will not last should the gaps in decisions, quality of execution and clarity of purpose not be corrected and strengthened in the right ways.

For example, what was the thinking in the business about protecting it from unplanned events like this one? In businesses that continue to successfully operate, this event is an inconvenient blip that may have required a pivot, but it did not disrupt their longer-term purpose.

If you wish to refresh your understanding of how we approach challenges like this, please revisit either of these blogs from a few months back:

I am Worried

5 Success Points

Get a Feel for These Growth Initiatives for a Business

  1. Business Equity Value Enhancement with Risk Management

In working relationships, the highest value expert is one that can holistically tweak the key drivers of revenues and growth that impacts the business bottom-line value.

Another common area of business growth is to scale the size of a business to a target in a finite time frame.

ROI results on this growth initiative ranges from 40% to 100% over the baseline numbers.

Scaling size of a business bottom line ranges from 2x to 4x or more, typically in 2-to-3-year time frame.

The biggest difficulty for financial firm leadership is the element of performance compensation. This is when a value creation expert takes skin in business’ game to reduce upfront outlay. This eases cashflow constraints as the bigger hunk of compensation is taken at the back end after the business has realized its improvements.

2. Top Tier Marketing Experts to Businesses

The second highest expert in digital marketing field are the few who are qualified to leverage your (business client) products or services to the right target audience and to produce increases in the range of 5x to 10x your (business client) earnings and with the ability to continue to keep up the pace.

3. Neither of these skills (1.) or (2.) are present in financial firms that work with businesses.

The reason is a lack of compatibility of skills and compensation arrangements. It is possible though to discuss a working relationship on a more contractual basis.

In summary, in both growth initiatives (1.) and (2). you (the business client) always walk away with far more revenues or growth of the business than we get in compensation. Always. This is the essential magic bullet.

4. Illustration of What Your (business client) Investment in these Services Looks Like

Here are Examples

Equity Value Enhancement with Risk Management

First, the business client participates in working on their program with ‘Us. Investment can begin at $2,000 for basics to $10,000 for roadmaps and framework and a series of customized educational sessions on higher preparation and execution services vs a Done-for-You Service that are priced accordingly.

Top Tier Marketing

A top marketing firm does a lot of the work to identify and put you in front of your eligible target audience. Results may begin to appear in first 3–6 months. As your lists of qualified candidates grows and the revenue stream earned or anticipated also grows these are multiples higher than the investment in paid advertising.

Relationship “Consigliere” to the Business and Business Owner/Family

The “Consigliere” keeps the project and teams on track:

· reinforces the who, what and why for the day

· thinking-outside-the-box

· orchestrating the timing and use of experts

· being accountable to the owner

· resolving the people challenges (often not addressed in most financial firms) that also will influence higher returns in quality of improved decision making and activities

· executing on project planning management

Our compensation arrangements differ from AUM fee structures of most financial firm budgets. Yet your business client and you will enjoy the benefit of results produced in different ways. Your client will enjoy the higher revenues and the bigger bottom line he has always wanted. The financial firm may have a % of revenue sharing arrangement for a happier, satisfied client and stronger, longer term relationship. As this same challenge comes into play around the transition to wealth management.

If you are a financial firm, business founder or CEO and want to talk through your situation with me, all you need to do is comment below “I want to talk” or message me privately with the same message.




Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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Robin Coady Smith

Robin Coady Smith

Robin is CEO & Founder of Privat’Us and Our Family, Our Wealth, the two ends of a Leadership Transition the business and Owner/ stakeholder wants and interests.

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